The object of the game is to collect all 15 carrots from the field. The carrots are protected by the owl people (owlies). The only way to protect yourself from the owlies is to fire orbs at the owlies to trap them in bubbles.
The bubbles don’t last forever, before they pop to release the owlie inside. However, if you trap an owlie close to an already trapped owlie, when the bubble is formed around the second owlie, the vacuum will remove the trapped owlie from the field.

At the start of a life cycle, your main character will appear in the centre of the screen, in the safe zone. This is represented by four fires and a ring that keep owlies from entering the area.

The field (play area) is 3 screens wide, and at the left and right edges of the play area are red barriers that you can use to bounce the orbs off.


The main character is controlled by tilting your phone in the direction you wish to move.
You fire orbs by tapping the fire button at the top right of the screen.
Walk over carrots to collect them.
The menu button on your phone will allow you to turn sound on or off.

You can also use the menu button to switch between Horizontal or vertical mode

This app is free to download from Google's Play Store.
Hope you enjoy playing this game as much as I have had making it.
Kind Regards.
K Boothroyd (author)

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