At Candy Farm it’s harvest time, and your help is needed for this sweetest challenge ever!
With colourful crisp graphics, this game is designed to push your gaming skills to the max!

The object of the game is to collect as many sweets as you can in your trolley.
You move your trolley left or right by tilting your phone or tablet in the X-axis, more you tilt the faster the trolley will move.
When you start the game, a ball will fire out of your trolley and it will endlessly bounce around the screen. Use your trolley to deflect the ball and prevent it from touching the ground, because when the ball hit’s the ground you lose a life (A ball).

When the ball hits a sweet at the top of the screen, it may dislodge it and the sweet will drop to the ground. Use your trolley to catch the sweet before it lands on the ground.

Tilting your phone or tablet in the Y-axis will make the sweet fall faster or slower.
The game will start off with 3 rows of sweets on level 1 and on level 3 or above, there are 5 rows of sweets. However, on level 4 and above, the speed of the ball will increase - this pushes your hand and eye co-ordination to the limit!

This app is free to download from Google's Play Store.
Hope you enjoy playing this game as much as I have had making it.
Kind Regards.
K Boothroyd (author)

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